• Cosmetic and Regenerative Medicine

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    We are most frequently involved in the cosmetology industry.
    We are consulted on a daily basis on a wide range of issues and dealing with most of the services and market share.

  • Insurance treatment and hospital management

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    We are able to handle almost all medical specialities, and in recent years, due to the poor performance of hospital management, we have become increasingly involved in this area.
    We are capable of managing dental clinics as well.

  • Food and Beverage industry

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    Prior to Corona, we were active in consulting on food and beverage business, and in recent years, we have received many inquiries about developing a new style of food and beverage business.

  • Hotel and Entertainment business

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    Advisory, proposal and business plan preparation etc. from Japanese and overseas hotel chains. This business is expected to grow in the future as consumer needs are diversifying.

  • Engineering and Manufacturing

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    One of our business specialities is the ability to convert professional and technical value into business.
    Together, we increase the value of your company and ensure your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  • Other industries and overseas projects etc.

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    Please contact us for details.

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