Strategy・Venture・Startup Consulting

Understand the current situation and read the future potential.
We are a venture company providing startup service to compete in new markets.

We have assisted numerous independent businesses and startups.Through our experiences and achievements, we have established certain standards and theories of success. For example, momentum when competing a new market, selling the particularity of the product or service, the probability considering the whole etc. As times change, success patterns also change and preparations differ accordingly. Even in cases of similar companies, all the strategies for each case are thoughtfully considered based on the owner and the changing form of the company.

  • Support for opening a business or starting a business
  • Start-up strategies
  • Risk management
  • Market and customer development
  • Business plan preparation
  • Administrative services

Accounting・Finance Consulting

From fundraising and accounting to accounting and financial statement preparation and tax preparation,
we are a one-stop strategic financial and cash management service in our field of expertise.

Our professional tax accountants and certified public accountants provide accounting consulting services tailored to the scale of the client's business, including the preparation of books and financial statements, accounting, and financial guidance. We also provide a wide range of services as a licensed tax accountant corporation, from tax planning and tax saving consultation to closing of accounts and tax returns. While running a business, it is essential to grasp the flow of funds and understand the financial situation. By strengthening your financial position, you will have the foundation of a successful business.

  • Fund raising
  • Financial strategy
  • Accounting consulting
  • Financial statement filing
  • Tax saving measures
  • Tax investigation measures
  • Cash management
  • Budget management
  • CFO contracting
  • Accounting counsel
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Virtual currency support

Global Strategy Consulting

We support the outbound business of Japanese corporations. In addition, we provide legal procedures for foreign corporations to expand in Japan and provide solutions to solve issues. We believe that global expansion will be essential in the future when Japanese corporations are assumed to be going concern.

We provide overseas marketing, research, licensing, and reconciliation of local taxation and domestic tax laws.
We will assist foreign corporations in establishing a corporation or branch office in Japan, including legal procedures, taxation measures, and other legal matters. There are many prerequisites for doing business in Japan. Please take advantage of our business expertise in Japan.

  • Support for overseas expansion
  • Extablishment of overseas corporations
  • Establishment of corporation branches
  • Solutions
  • International tax planning
  • International visa acquisition
  • Establishment of Japanese corporations
  • Overseas M&A
  • Management representation

Management・Agency Consulting

This is a service that allows physicians and craftsmen who possess specialized skills to specialize and focus on their work and maximize their business performance.
This service allows them to maximize their management performance.

Our professional management consultants support doctors and craftsmen, business owners and professionals who use technical skills as a commercial product, and chefs and craftspeople in the manufacturing industry so that they can focus on their specialized business. Together, we will always solve even the most difficult problems. In these industries, the essence of business cannot be grasped without directly considering the feelings of the end consumer.
We accelerate our clients' business with our experience backed by our track record and our leadership ability to respond to change.

  • Management agency
  • BackOffice
  • Manager substitute
  • Management adviser
  • Special vendor introduction
  • Management efficiency strategy

PR・Branding Consulting

We plan original PR to support sales expansion and help maximize sales.
As technology evolves, its tools and combinations are numerous and require selection and focus.

Strategies are not patterned by the industries. The IT revolution and the proliferation of smartphones have transformed the industry and social networking is a major part of that transformation. This requires considerable speed in terms of changes in the media used to attract customers and methods of approach.
To increase sales, it is important to understand the principle of momentum and flow and to understand probability. The presence of sales in a company and its management is paramount. Please contact us for more information.

  • PR Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Sales strategy
  • Listings
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

M&A Consulting・Organizational Restructuring

This service provides research services for companies and businesses that are the target of organizational or business restructuring and associated with M&A or capital investment.

The purpose of a buyer-side company is to expand its business or enter a new business, while the purpose of a seller-side company is to raise funds or take over a business.Small and medium-sized companies are often on the seller's side, and not a few M&A deals to resolve business succession issues.
In case the financial statements prepared by the othe side are not accurate and there are off-balance-sheet debts or guarantees, the acquiring company will be severely damaged.
Our professional staffs, who have a great deal of experience in this area , will thoroughly investigate your company.
Please contact us first for the consultation.

  • Organizational restructuring, M&A
  • Business restructuring
  • Buyouts
  • Stock transfers
  • Corporate valuations
  • Due diligence
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