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Medical Treatment Medical Treatment

All services related to cosmetic medicines are available.

We have one of the largest shares of consulting services related to cosmetic medicine in Japan.
In particular, we are confident that we can provide the best know-how for opening a clinic.
In addition, we actively support services such as post-opening clinic management, tax measures, customer attraction, medical corporation formation, and back office maintenance that alllow physicians to concentrate on their practice.
In addition, we import cosmetic medicine chemicals and medical supplies from overseas, and provide referral and matching services with highly skilled overseas physicians.

Health Insurance Treatment Health Insurance Treatment

Support to realize your ideals as a medical practitioner

We provide management consulting services to help doctors realize their ideals in the form of a clinic, both at opening and after opening.
When opening a clinic, there are many issues to consider, such as site selection, clinic hours, financing, collecting patients, and hiring staff. We provide consulting services for these considerations based on the doctor's philosophy of opening a clinic, while accompanying the doctor in the entire process of management and consulting according to the subject matter.
After opening a clinic, the doctor will have to deal with various management issues as a business owner. We provide a wide range of management support, including personnel and legal issues, taxation, collecting patients, an incorporation of a medical corporation etc. in order to help doctors concentrate on practice.

Eating Eating

Creating restaurants that people want to go back to

The restaurant industry is in dire straits due to the new coronavirus.
What do you think is the difference between the restaurants that have closed and those that continue to operate?
Taste, location, service, atmosphere, menu, price, there are many factors , but there is one thing that is overwhelmingly missing.
Our consultants, who come from well-known companies in the restaurant industry, will support you in opening and continuing your business.
We can assist you from finding a property if you donot have a concept or anything decided but are thinking about opening a restaurant, or if you want to start your own business but donot know how to start.

Hotel Hotel

Review of business and investment plans and advertising using media

The role of the revitalization team is to improve sales through external methods, such as investment in facilities, financial support, and recruiting and internal methods , such as improving operational issues based on an understanding of the current situtation and numerical analysis, employee training, and reveiw of management methods, to address the problems faced by many inns and hotels.

In the entertainment industry, we create a roadmap to achieve the goal based on the forecast of box-office revenues by data on the improvement in recognition of contents and entertainment through publicity and advertising and changes in public interest, and propose specific advertising methods from preliminary marketing strategies through planning and advisory services.

Manufacturing Manufacturing

Propose a vision for the future that looks 10years or more into the future

By identifying fluctuating trends in the industry, we can look 10 years into the future and develop a detailed vision of what we are aiming for, as well as propose growth strategies such as expanding new channels for existing businesses and developing new products.
In order to make the company better, it is necessary not only to rebuild management strategies and new businesses, but also to rebuild organizational functions. We will strengthen the internal organization by introducing organizational functions(new product development, cost management, new customer development etc. ) required to smoothly promote the revamped strategy.
We will accompany and support you to implement the new strategy and create results after improving the field level, changing the mindset of employees , and strengthening inter-organizational cooperation.

Other Service Other Service

What only consulting can do

We offer the best solutions from a consulting standpoint for a wide range of corporate issues, from large-scale projects such as overseas business expansion and M&A to improving governance and operational efficiency in the company's human resources and accounting departments.
We have experience in many industries other than those listed above, so please contact us for a consultation and we will work together to identify the best solution for your company.

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