Dr.Rahi Visits Japan / Clinic Visit


From February 6 to 8 in 2024, Dr. Rahi visited Japan from Beverly Hills, LA, California, where we had an opportunity to visit during our field survey through TUKIYOMI’s overseas technical exchange service,
She visited some clinics to meet Japanese doctors from ANGIE CLINIC, Rejuva Medical Clinic, Akiko Clinic, and Contour Clinic TOKYO.

The Website of Dr. Rahi’s clinic is below.

Doctors had interviews in the exchange program. They exchanged their opinions about clinics’ specialties and the techniques they are working on. Through these interviews, medical professionals from different cultures and backgrounds were able to stimulate each other and gain new perspectives.

After the interviews, Dr. Rahi had a tour of the clinics. She was able to observe the facilities and equipment and learn the practical approaches being taken in the medical field. The tour also provided an opportunity to experience actual procedures, and Dr. Rahi was also able to experience a procedure performed by Japanese doctors at these clinics.

TUKIYOMI aims to build bridges between clinics and provide an opportunity for the exchange of useful information through this international exchange program. We strongly believe that clinics and Dr. Rahi will be able to learn from each other and stimulate each other, thereby contributing to the improvement of the entire beauty industry.

The beauty industry is a constantly evolving field, and TUKIYOMI will continue to contribute to the development of aesthetic medicine around the world through international exchange and technology sharing. We look forward to building a better future together with you.